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What the papers say – June 30

Pictures of Andy Murray appear on many of the fronts.

What the papers say – June 29
What the papers say – June 29

Air pollution – and meat supplies being cut due to a lack of carbon dioxide – are among a mixed bag of stories appearing on the front of Saturday’s papers.

The Times leads with comments from NHS England’s medical director who is looking to save hundreds of millions of pounds annually by halting procedures which “are not effective”.

The Daily Telegraph runs with the latest turn as Britain struggles with a shortage of carbon dioxide as the paper warns meet supplies could start to run low.

IVF leads the Guardian, with the paper reporting that a growing number of areas in England have restricted or stopped the treatment being offered.

The Financial Times reports that Angela Merkel has won a “reprieve” after a tougher deal on refugee migration was struck at the EU.

The i runs with a study which suggests that air pollution leads to 15,000 new cases of diabetes in a year.

The Independent runs with warnings about online propaganda which recruits young people into violence.

Care homes lead the Daily Mirror, which reports concerns from watchdogs.

The off-screen activities of two members of comedy Outnumbered lead the Sun

The Daily Mail also runs with the carbon dioxide shortages, with Asda limiting sales of fizzy drinks to shoppers.

The police raid of a 74-year-old veteran leads the Daily Express, which says the move has caused “outrage”.

While the Daily Star reports the latest from the Hillsborough legal proceedings.



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