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What the papers say – March 2

More moves aimed at tackling the coronavirus dominate the papers on Monday.


A collection of British newspapers.

A collection of British newspapers.

A collection of British newspapers.

The coronavirus is once again by far the hottest topic on the country’s front pages on Monday.

The Times leads on Boris Johnson saying “we’ll stop at nothing” to tackle the virus.

But The Daily Telegraph leads on Mr Johnson saying the virus situation will “get worse before it gets better”.

The Independent and Metro report on the virus risk rising across the UK as new cases are reported.

The Guardian says the appearance of new cases has raised fears the virus is spreading undetected in Britain, while the i says the epidemic is moving to its “next phase” in the country.

Health officials are desperately searching Britain to find carriers unwittingly spreading the deadly illness, according to the Daily Mail.

The Sun and the Daily Express says cities could be “shut down” under plans to stop the spread of the disease.

And the Financial Times reports on Italy’s economic stimulus package in the face of the virus.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mirror leads with an exclusive saying 309 people have been killed by offenders monitored by private probation companies.

And the Daily Star reports a man who bit a policeman has avoided jail because he did not have his false teeth in at the time.