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What the papers say – March 25

Wednesday’s papers are led by the Government’s call for volunteers to bolster the NHS as the number of cases of coronavirus grows.


A collection of British newspapers – March 25

A collection of British newspapers – March 25

A collection of British newspapers – March 25

A sought force of volunteer health workers and other challenges facing the NHS amid the pandemic dominate the front pages.

Millions of new antibody tests will help Britain defeat coronavirus”, the Daily Express says while quoting Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Mr Hancock wants “Fit Brits” to sign up to a national service of volunteers delivering medicine and supplies, according to The Sun.

The Government needs an “army of volunteers”, declares The Times above a photograph of military vehicles crossing Westminster Bridge after delivering medical supplies to a hospital.

The Independent says “Your NHS needs you”.

But The Guardian warns a “massive” NHS recruitment drive “risks being undermined by the prospect of doctors quitting due to fears over inadequate protective equipment.

The i reports the NHS has had its “Biggest week” since 1948 but still faces the “challenge of its lifetime” in fighting the virus.

Staying with healthcare and a four-year-old undergoing treatment for cancer pleads on the Daily Mirror front for people to “Please stay at home… for me”, while the Daily Star says a D-Day soldier has told Britons to “Do your duty… Become a couch potato”.

The Daily Telegraph says police will “avoid a hardline approach” and instead “persuade, cajole, negotiate and advise” people to follow lockdown restrictions.

Metro, however, paints a different picture of the police with the headline “The Enforcers” as it says officers have had to “break up groups defying the lockdown”.

Scotland’s police chief has advised people to “stay off the streets” and said his force’s new powers “will be used to enforce lockdown”,  according to the Scottish Daily Mail.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has admitted that despite the Government announcing some bailout measures “we cannot protect every single job and business”, the Financial Times reports.