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What the papers say – March 3

The coronavirus and a bullying inquiry into Home Secretary Priti Patel lead the nation’s papers on Tuesday.


A collection of British newspapers.

A collection of British newspapers.

A collection of British newspapers.

Increasing anxiety about the coronavirus in the UK and a Cabinet Office inquiry into Priti Patel’s treatment of staff dominate Tuesday’s front pages.

The Daily Express and The Independent lead with Mr Johnson saying a significant outbreak of the coronavirus across the UK is likely in the coming days.

The i says the UK is preparing for a spring outbreak.

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail say the NHS is calling up volunteers to help fight the virus.

Boris Johnson will create no-go zones as part of his plan to be released today to combat the coronavirus, according to The Times.

The Financial Times leads with an OECD warning the coronavirus could “cut global growth in half”.

And The Guardian says British supermarkets have drawn up plans to help the country through panic buying in the face of the outbreak, while also reporting the Cabinet Office inquiry into Priti Patel over allegations of workplace bullying.

Several papers have Ms Patel on their front page including Metro, which says a government worker took a prescription drug overdose after Ms Patel screamed at her.

Meanwhile, The Sun leads with a story saying the Duke of Sussex held four hours of “heart-to-heart” talks on Sunday with the Queen, who told him he and Meghan would be welcomed back if they ever decided to rejoin the royals.

The Daily Mirror leads with an exclusive saying Mr Johnson released news of his forthcoming baby only days after his ex-wife’s mother died of cancer.

And the Daily Star runs with a story saying millennials are ignorant about history.