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What the papers say – March 7

Coronavirus angles again dominate the nation’s papers on Saturday.


A collection of British newspapers.

A collection of British newspapers.

A collection of British newspapers.

The escalating coronavirus crisis again occupies most of Britain’s front pages on Saturday.

The Independent leads on the number of coronavirus infections worldwide passing 100,000.

The Daily Telegraph carries a recommendation people should visit elderly relatives before they might potentially have to be isolated.

The Daily Mail says millions of Britons are being told to work from home to help fight the spread of the disease.

British universities are facing a funding crisis because of the loss of tuition fees due to Covid-19, according to The Guardian.

The Sun says the spread of the virus now officially represents an outbreak across Britain.

And the Financial Times reports investors are rushing for the security of government bonds amid fears of a global recession sparked by the coronavirus.

In other news, The Times reports the Queen will distance herself from Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed after this week’s court ruling that he kidnapped his two daughters.

The Daily Mirror leads with an alleged dispute between Meghan and Camilla due to photos of the Duchess of Sussex overshadowing an address by Camilla on domestic violence.

The Daily Express says a new law is in the planning to protect people’s right to use cash.

And the Daily Star leads with Strictly star Kevin Clifton quitting the show.