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What the papers say – May 18

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make an appearance as the big day draws near.


What the papers say - May 18

What the papers say - May 18

What the papers say - May 18

A royal wedding rehearsal, Brexit and Afghanistan top the agenda on Friday.

Nearly all of the papers carry images of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the soon-to-be wed couple were spotted during the dry-run in Windsor.

After a week of dramatic developments ahead of Saturday’s nuptials, the Daily Mail says Ms Markle “put on a brave face” after confirming her father will not walk her down the aisle.

The Sun leads with her comments that she is saddened that Thomas Markle will not give her away as he needs to recuperate from heart surgery.

However the Metro says Ms Markle was smiling and appeared relaxed as the pair were driven past excited well-wishers.

On to Brexit, and the Financial Times, The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph all lead with the latest on the Prime Minister’s efforts to break the impasse over future customs arrangements with the EU.

The FT says Theresa May agreed a plan on remaining tied to the customs union until the Irish border issue is resolved, with her Cabinet – including leading Brexiteer Boris Johnson – on Thursday.

However the Guardian says the Irish Taoiseach warned the PM it may not be enough to avoid a hard border.

Leo Varadkar told Mrs May Britain may have to follow many of the rules of the single market and remain aligned to Europe to avoid the scenario, the Telegraph reports.

The Times reports that hundreds more British troops could be sent to Afghanistan after pressure from US president Donald Trump.

In other news, the Daily Mirror says Mrs May will use the royal wedding to announce new Conservative members of the House of Lords.

The Daily Express reports on a campaign to fit CCTV in care homes in bid to protect elderly from abuse.

And the i says Britain is set for a stand-off with the US as it sides with Europe over Donald Trump’s crackdown on Iran.