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What the papers say – May 21

Harry and Meghan’s wedding remains the key talking point on Monday.


What the papers say - May 21

What the papers say - May 21

What the papers say - May 21

The royal wedding continues to top the headlines on Monday as Harry and Meghan prepare to start their new life as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan intends to take the royal family in a new direction, the Daily Mail reports, declaring she is “proud to be a woman and a feminist” in a biography published on the Queen’s official website.

The Daily Telegraph says the new Duchess will “fight for feminism”, and that Meghan has been working behind the scenes for months to develop her focus as a full-time royal.

More details of the royal couple’s wedding celebrations are also emerging, with the Daily Mirror reporting that Meghan gave a speech in which she admitted: “I have found my prince”.

The Sun runs with the headline: “Ooh, one wants to dance with somebody”, in reference to the Whitney Houston classic said to have been played during their evening reception.

The wedding was “absolutely stunning”, the Daily Express says, while the Metro features a striking image of the couple leaving for the second do of the day, with Meghan wearing a gown designed by Stella McCartney.

The Guardian says the couple were praised for the multicultural and inclusive nature of their wedding ceremony.

The paper leads, however, on a story claiming that a growing number of people are being fined, given criminal convictions or sent to prison for begging and sleeping rough.

Elsewhere, the i reports on an upcoming speech by Theresa May, in which she will say that artificial intelligence could help prevent 22,000 cancer deaths a year by 2023.

The Daily Star claims Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich missed his side’s FA Cup final victory because his visa had run out.

And the Financial Times reports that the UK is looking to Australia for help in launching a satellite navigation system to rival Europe’s Galileo project.