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What the papers say – May 3

The Brexit latest also features on a number of front pages.


What the papers say - May 3

What the papers say - May 3

What the papers say - May 3

A breast cancer screening error affecting 450,000 women leads the majority of Thursday’s papers, while the shutting down of Cambridge Analytica also makes the fronts.

The Times leads with the NHS IT “blunder” which meant hundreds of thousands of women were not called for screening.

The same story leads the Daily Telegraph, which calls the incident the “biggest cancer scandal in the history of the health service”.

The Guardian features a picture of Liverpool who made it to the Champions League final, along with the cancer screenings story which the paper calls a “blunder”.

The Financial Times leads with Brexit, reporting Britain is looking to  “sabotage” the European Union’s Galileo satellite navigation project.

The Metro runs with the cancer screening story, saying patients have been “condemned to death” after a fault with a computer.

The i carries the NHS computer glitch story,  reporting that up to 270 women had their lives cut short because of the error.

The Daily Mirror runs with the same story,  reporting that Brest Cancer Care called the IT issues “a colossal failure”.

The Sun calls the problems with breast cancer screening a “scandal” and says it has provoked “outrage”.

The Daily Mail refers to the story as a “betrayal” and says health officials took four months to raise the problem.

The Daily Express says the failure was caused by NHS “incompetence”.

While the Daily Star reports on a potential heatwave heading for the UK in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.