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What the papers say – November 2

Election promises and a stop to a controversial mining practice are among the stories on Saturday’s front pages.

What the papers say – November 2 (PA)
What the papers say – November 2 (PA)


Pledges ahead of the General Election and a moratorium on fracking lead the papers on Saturday.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Conservatives have promised an election tax cut, something foreshadowed by Boris Johnson during his campaign to be Prime Minister.

Any vote by the electorate which is not for the Tories will result in Jeremy Corbyn, the Daily Express says Mr Johnson has warned.

The Daily Mail reports how the Prime Minister has rejected any election pact with the Brexit Party.

The Financial Times WeekendThe Guardianand The Times report on the moratorium on fracking over fears of earthquakes, which The Independent celebrates as “the end” of the mining practice.

The Daily Mirror decries the amount of money paid by patients, staff and visitors on NHS car parks, describing those who operate the facilities as “vultures”.

And the Daily Star reports on the delight and financial remuneration that comic Ricky Gervais says he experiences when he offends people.



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