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What the papers say – November 29

The PM’s battle to appease Tory MPs over Covid restrictions features prominently on the nation’s front pages.


What the papers say – November 29 (PA)

What the papers say – November 29 (PA)

What the papers say – November 29 (PA)

Boris Johnson’s apparent backdown to stave off a revolt by Conservatives over coronavirus measures dominates the papers on Sunday.

The Sunday Times and The Independent lead on Mr Johnson’s “retreat” over tough pandemic plans in the face of a Tory rebellion.

The Sunday Express also reports on the PM’s “new offer” of restriction concessions to MPs to prevent a mutiny over the lockdown vote.

And The Sunday Telegraph says Mr Johnson has told MPs the country’s coronavirus tier system could end in nine weeks.

Meanwhile, MPs have joined with nurses in pleading for Nightingale hospitals to be opened after a surge in Covid intensive care admissions, according to the Sunday People.

But The Observer says angry Tory MPs have turned on Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, saying he exaggerated his claims about capacity problems in the NHS in a bid to win their support for tough coronavirus measures.

The Mail on Sunday says Mr Johnson has urged Britons not to trip on the “last barbed wire” by flouting the latest rules in the fight against Covid, while also reporting Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden will ask Netflix to warn viewers its series The Crown is a work of fiction.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror splashes with an exclusive about a recruiter for the so-called Islamic State who wants to be let back into the UK.

And the Daily Star Sunday says two groups of special forces troops settled the score of which one was the toughest by engaging in a bake-off.


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