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What the papers say – November 6

There is still no result in the US election in Friday’s papers, most of which lead with the story that has gripped the world.


What the papers say – November 6 (PA)

What the papers say – November 6 (PA)

What the papers say – November 6 (PA)

The race is still on across the Atlantic and across the UK’s front pages.

The Times says the president “stokes fresh fury” as his opponent “appeals for calm”, with The Independent saying Joe Biden is closing “in on win”.

The says Donald Trump is a “president in meltdown”, the Financial Times reports the current resident of the White House “demands halt to count as swing states hang in balance”, and The Guardian covers the rising of tensions as the race “goes to wire”.

Metro reports the Democratic challenger is “Biden his time” but notes Mr Trump has vowed to take legal action over the result, while the Daily Star has some fun with “Grumpy Trumpy set to lose bigly”.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has extended the furlough scheme for the Treasury to cover 80% of wages of employees unable to work until March, according to the Daily Express.

The Daily Telegraph reports the Government was “forced to issue key charts used to justify second lockdown after admitting projected fatalities were overstated”.

The Daily Mail says “vital evidence in the Princess Diana BBC interview scandal was stolen in a mysterious burglary”.

And ahead of Remembrance Sunday, the Daily Mirror carries the story of a young girl who lost her dad while he was serving in Afghanistan when she was a baby.