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What to watch for at the Liberal Democrats conference

Expect something unexpected to arrive out of left field.

The Liberal Democrats are holding their annual conference in Brighton from September 15-18.

Here are some of the things to watch out for.

– Questions over Sir Vince Cable’s leadership, or as critics would put it, lack of leadership, will continue to dominate party chatter, but are unlikely to spill over onto the conference floor after a pre-emptive strike by the ex-business secretary.

– However, the nature of Sir Vince’s slow motion resignation has not pleased everyone as he has refused to set a date for his departure, merely stating it will be after “Brexit is resolved or stopped”.

– Sir Vince ruffled some feathers with a call for a rules revamp that would non-MPs to be allowed to stand for the party leadership after he does go, so expect some jostling for position and publicity from senior figures.

– A stuttering performance in the polls after a lacklustre general election performance has led to calls for a sharper definition, and growing talk of a new centre party with anti-Corbyn Labour MPs and pro-Europe Tories.

– This being the Lib Dems, expect something unexpected to arrive out of left field, like the delegate in 2016 who used a debate to suggest school careers officers should present prostitution as a potential line of work for pupils.


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