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Widow recalls final words of her 9/11 hero husband who rescused 2,700 people

The widow of a 9/11 victim choked back tears yesterday as she recalled speaking to her husband Rick (62) for the last time before he died trying to rescue survivors.

Susan Rescorla told BBC Cornwall how she said goodbye to her husband before he died in the South Tower of the World Trade Centre. She revealed she still gets emails from people whose lives have been touched by the story of his heroism.

Rick, born in Cornwall, England, was in charge of security for investment bank Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. He died going back for stragglers after he had already helped 2,700 people safely escape.

In the interview, Susan struggled to control her emotions as she described their last telephone call: "He said to me so calmly, 'You have to stop crying. I have to get everyone out'. He was so calm and reassuring, he told me, 'You made my life', but I knew at that moment it was all over."

Rick 'foresaw' the terrorist attacks, with his warnings featuring in a documentary in 2005, entitled 'The Man Who Predicted 9/11'. He made staff at the bank regularly practise escape drills which later saved their lives.

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