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Wife of Speaker criticises Hague

The wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow has criticised William Hague for detailing his wife's miscarriages in a statement denying a sexual relationship with an aide.

Sally Bercow said the Foreign Secretary had been given "duff PR advice" and had elevated an internet rumour into an item in the national press by issuing such a lengthy account of his personal life.

Mr Hague disclosed his wife's miscarriages in a statement issued in response to rumours that he had had a sexual relationship with special adviser Christopher Myers, who has quit his post.

The minister said on Thursday that he and his wife Ffion had "had enough" and wanted to "put the record straight" about the rumours.

In the statement Mr Hague denied having an "improper" relationship with Mr Myers and insisted his marriage is secure. He added that his wife had suffered miscarriages as they tried to start a family.

Mrs Bercow told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "On a human level, I felt really sorry for Ffion Hague and for William. But my first thought was: why are you doing this? You don't need to disclose this level of detail to prove you're not gay. I think he was given duff PR advice.

"It's elevated something that was circulating on the internet to the national press and the national media. At the most, he should have just said he denied having a gay relationship and said he was happily married."

Mrs Bercow's comments add to criticism from senior Tory figures, who have also questioned Mr Hague's conduct and his judgment.

But Downing Street said on Thursday that the Foreign Secretary has Prime Minister David Cameron's backing.


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