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Wildlife park brothers to embark on conservation roadtrip across Africa

The team from Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire plan to deliver equipment and funds to anti-poaching projects in a number of countries.

From left, Redmond Boulton, Tyler Whitnall, Cameron Whitnall and Aaron Whitnall (Paradise Wildlife Park/PA)
From left, Redmond Boulton, Tyler Whitnall, Cameron Whitnall and Aaron Whitnall (Paradise Wildlife Park/PA)

Four young conservationists are set to embark on an anti-poaching mission across Africa.

Brothers Aaron Whitnall, 27, Tyler Whitnall, 25, and Cameron Whitnall, 23, will be joined by family friend Redmond Bolton, 25, on the drive across the continent.

The three-week-long trip, known as the Drive 4 Wildlife, will take the team to projects across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda delivering funds and equipment to wildlife organisations and charities, including a specially modified car designed to rescue injured animals and assist anti-poaching patrols.

The Drive 4 Wildlife team (Paradise Wildlife Park/PA)

All four men work at Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire, and grew up around animals, the park having been established by the brothers’ grandfather in 1984.

Aaron Whitnall, the oldest of the brothers on the expedition, wants to promote the conservation and charity work supported by zoos and wildlife parks.

He said: “Having been brought up at our family’s wildlife park, we understand that zoos are viewed with very mixed feelings. We want to show the incredible work good zoos are doing – in the field – supporting conservation and much more.

“The trip is incredibly important, not just for us, but for all of the animals we’re seeking to help and the charities we hope to publicise.”

Aaron Whitnall works at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire (Paradise Wildlife Park/PA)

Mr Whitnall hopes that their trip will help people understand how and why species become endangered.

He added: “You often hear that animals are under threat or that there are only so many of a certain species left but it is hard for people to truly understand why. We’ll be explaining these and meeting people who really understand the issues.

“Illegal wildlife is the fourth largest illegal trade in the world so we want to open people’s eyes to the true reasons why so many animals are endangered while, at the same time, showing them the amazing, positive work that’s taking place.”

The trip has been partially funded by the Motor Vision Awards, alongside corporate and private donations.



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