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William warns on ivory trade rise

The Duke of Cambridge has called for "zero tolerance" on the ivory trade, which he says is increasing "alarmingly".

William's intervention followed his impassioned plea against illegal poaching and support for efforts to tackle Ebola by film-makers in Sierra Leone earlier this week.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said: "Time is running out for some of Africa's most magnificent creatures, and the effects this would have would be devastating economically and culturally.

"This year, more than ever, we will be highlighting the danger that park rangers face in Africa. Hundreds have been killed in battle-like conditions against heavily armed poachers.

"We live in a sorry world when an elephant requires the sacrifice of a human being for its own survival."

And he added that consumer demand in countries including the UK was the "real problem" as it fuelled the rise in poaching.

Last week, William helped launch a new version of the Angry Birds game highlighting the outlawed trade in endangered wildlife and comes before he is set to tour the US next month, where he is set to raise the issue, according to the Telegraph.


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