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Witnesses relive horror of Jersey knife murders

As two friends enjoyed the sunshine on a quiet summer's afternoon in St Helier, their peace was shattered by a woman's scream.

They saw Izabela Rzeszowski (30) run out of her flat as a man chased her with a knife in hand.

Her father Marek (55) and her children Kinga (5) and Kacper (18 months) were already dead.

Her best friend, Marta De La Haye (34), lay dying on the doorstep. Her murdered daughter Julia (5) was nearby.

Alex Wambua (38) and Bryan Ogesa (24) saw the horror as they walked to a flat in Victoria Crescent overlooking St Helier Bay.

Last night, as a 30-year-old male suspect remained under arrest in hospital after emergency surgery, Mr Wambua and Mr Ogesa told of events that unfolded on Sunday.

“The man was running after her, screaming in Polish.

“Suddenly he grabbed her with his left hand and began stabbing her in the back, again and again,” said Mr Wambua, a supervisor at a nearby Co-op supermarket.

Mr Ogesa grabbed a traffic cone to ward off the attacker.

“When I shouted ‘what are you doing?', the wife came running towards me but collapsed. He was really stabbing himself. That man wasn't right in the head.

“He had a crazy stare and scared me to death. I think the woman on the floor was already dead. The other woman had blood all over her. She was making noises and moving at this point. We did what we could to help her.”

She died later.

Mr Wambua said the man then turned back towards the flat, two doors along from Mr Ogesa's.

Mr Ogesa said: “The man closed the door and five minutes later the police arrived.”

Another neighbour said: “By the time I got over there it was all over. Then a paramedic emerged from the house carrying the limp body of a little girl,” he said.

“The female paramedic was in tears. She was followed by a policewoman carrying a second lifeless child. She was weeping too.”

The attacker was named locally as Damian Rzeszowski.


With its thriving tourist trade and lucrative offshore financial sector, Jersey has long relied on its reputation as a wealthy haven far removed from the ills of the British mainland. In 2008 it became the focus of one of the largest child abuse probes in British history following allegations of systematic physical and sexual assault at a care home.

Stab victims ‘were the perfect family’

Friends of a man suspected of stabbing his wife and two young children to death described them as “almost the perfect family”.

At a Mass in a Catholic church in St Martin near Jersey's capital, family friend Jakub Bartus (35) and his wife Marlena (27) said they had not seen the family since last September but had always been touched by how happy they were.

She said: “They were a lovely family, lovely kids. They were almost the |perfect family.

“The children loved playing and he used to push them in a trailer.

“The way we had seen him, he was a really good father. We spent two hours with them, it was a lovely atmosphere.”

Mr Bartus said: “It is so sad, this is something that should not happen.

“There are lots of questions that need to be answered.”

“It's such a tragedy. I can't understand why innocent kids were involved.”

Father Stanislaw Adamiak, who conducted the service at the Catholic Church of Our Lady in St Martin in Polish, said he did not know the family but was aware that some members of the congregation were their friends.

He said: “We pray, as there is nothing else that we |can do.”

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