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Woman is robbed in a store during an epileptic seizure

Police are hunting a "truly despicable" thief who stole money from a woman while she was in the grip of a violent epileptic seizure.

The victim had collapsed to the ground in the Ryemarket Shopping Centre in Stourbridge in the West Midlands when she fell into a 20-minute seizure. While passers-by rushed to comfort her, police think one person took advantage of the drama, reaching into the woman's handbag and stealing £60 cash.

Officers said the CCTV showed a woman moving the victim's shopping trolley before leaving the market.

Detective Inspector Nigel Smith said: "It's a truly despicable crime.

"The lady is clearly in great distress on the floor and, while most people's immediate concern is for her wellbeing, one person sees it as an opportunity to steal from her."

The victim made a full recovery and only afterwards realised her money had gone.

Belfast Telegraph

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