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Woman's sex abuse claim 'malicious'

A man has been exonerated by a High Court judge after his ex-partner sent Facebook messages to around 100 people accusing him of sexually assaulting their one-year-old daughter.

The man had described the allegation as "totally false" and "disgusting".

Mrs Justice Pauffley concluded that he had "done nothing of a sexual kind" following a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

"The mother sent Facebook messages to 100 or so people saying she had 'caught (the father) fiddling with (her) baby'," said the judge, in a written ruling.

"In addition, she said she had found 'incest porn on his phone more than once'."

She went on: "In evidence, the mother said she had intended 'to do (that is send to) 200 friends'. She said, 'at the time it wasn't stupid. I thought people should know the truth'."

Mrs Justice Pauffley concluded that the woman seemed to have "invented the allegation".

"There is no evidence whatever upon which I could properly base a finding that the father has sexually abused (his daughter)," said the judge.

"I am convinced that the father has done nothing of a sexual kind and he must be exonerated."

She added: "The mother, seemingly, has invented the allegation for her own malicious purposes. Whether she has done so intentionally or because her background renders her susceptible to seeing sexual danger where none exists is difficult to determine."

Mrs Justice Pauffley also exonerated the man of having "any interest in incest porn" and said the woman had an "ability to exaggerate and fabricate".

"It is not just that the mother has failed to satisfy me that there is evidence from which I could properly draw a conclusion adverse to the father," added the judge.

"She has conclusively demonstrated that the potential for her to try to cause him harm is very extensive indeed."

The judge said she had been asked to making decisions about a number of issues affecting the child's welfare.

She said no-one involved could be identified.


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