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Women will win, no matter June 8 result

By Peter Cary

A record number of female MPs are likely to be elected to parliament on June 8, even if Labour slumps to its worst result since the war, new analysis has revealed.

Some 200 women could take their place in the House of Commons if the Conservatives win an increased majority, up by nine on the total elected at the 2015 general election.

The number is roughly the same whether there is a small swing to the Tories or a landslide victory. Were Labour to defy the opinion polls and end up the largest party in a hung parliament, the number of women MPs could rise as high as 212.

The Press Association has calculated the figures based on a variety of outcomes.

Around 92 would be Conservatives, the largest number in the party's history and a big jump on the 68 elected in 2015.

Labour would have around 82 female MPs, down from 99 in 2015 and well below the party's all-time high of 101 in 1997.

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