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Worst-injured survivor relives 7/7

The most seriously injured survivor of the July 7 2005 bombings has told how he watched the terror plot's ringleader detonate his suicide bomb.

Daniel Biddle, 31, lost both legs, his left eye, his spleen and 87 pints of blood as medics fought to save his life after Mohammed Sidique Khan killed himself and six others.

The former construction project manager, who was standing a few feet from Khan, described a "big white flash" before he was blown out of the carriage.

Mr Biddle described the attack as the inquests into the 52 killed entered its fifth week at the Royal Courts of Justice with details of the Edgware Road atrocity.

Moving statements by relatives of the six victims - Michael Brewster, Jonathan Downey, David Foulkes, Colin Morley, Jennifer Nicholson and Laura Webb - were also read out.

Mr Biddle spent several weeks in a coma and enduring months of treatment but went on to marry his fiancee and hopes to represent Britain at the 2012 Paralympics. Speaking from the witness box, he said Khan sat close to him before looking down and detonating the bomb with a jerk of his hand, which may have been holding a white cord.

Mr Biddle said: "The train entered the Tube tunnel: I looked around. As I looked around, he looked up and I saw a quick movement. Then there was a big white flash. The kind of noise you get when you tune a radio in. It felt like the carriage I was in expanded at a fast rate and then contracted quickly. And with that it blew me off my feet and through the carriage doors into the tunnel."

When he woke up on the tracks, pinned down by a piece of carriage door or panel, he said his first thought was that he had "fallen out of the train".

"It was when I tried to move and I couldn't, and as the dust and smoke settled and the noises started, that I realised something bad had happened," he said.

Mr Biddle added: "I was terrified, seeing what I had seen, and thought I was going to die. So I was screaming just as loud as I could to get help."


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