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X Factor's Wagner 'has no talent'

Creative guru Brian Friedman has described X Factor reject Wagner as the "elephant in the room" - and said he is glad the wannabe had been kicked off the show.

The choreographer said the Brazilian contestant, booted out of the show on Sunday, "has no talent".

Friedman, who devises the routines for contestants each week, said he had been struggling to craft performances for the 54-year-old.

He said: "He is not a great singer and he doesn't do well with staging, so it always came down to me and I really felt the pressure to make it amazing.

"It is definitely a weight off my shoulders. He was like a big grey elephant in the room. But I had no issues with him other than he has no talent."

Wagner had been at the centre of an online campaign to keep him in the competition in a bid to upset show bosses. And Friedman conceded that his performances had been entertaining.

He said: "I am proud of the work I did with him, it was always spectacular. There were a couple of weeks where strange things happened on stage that I had no control over.

"Typically, Louis (Walsh, Wager's mentor) wanted dancing skeletons and cats in Halloween week when I wanted something much cooler."

But Friedman said he was sad to see Katie Waissel go after she received the lowest public vote.

He said: "I honestly thought that it could turn around for her. The public can't hate her for her vocal ability, but they don't seem to like her personality. I think aggressive people are more accepted in America. Here, voters root for the underdog on shows like this. They want the painter or quiet Liverpudlian, because it is like them."


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