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Young lamb's ears severed in attack

A three-week-old lamb has had its ears cut off in a "horrendous act of animal cruelty", the RSPCA has said.

The young animal's ears were severed cleanly from its head and that resulted in it being abandoned by its mother.

RSPCA inspector Susan Hammond was called to the shocking incident, which took place in Gotham, Nottinghamshire, overnight between May 5 and May 6.

She said: "This is absolutely horrific and I cannot believe that someone would deliberately cause such an awful injury to an innocent animal.

"There were no other wounds on the lamb's body and the injuries are not consistent with a dog attack.

"Sadly, as a result of the injury, the mother abandoned the lamb and the lamb was found on Monday May 6 by the farmer. The ears have not been found."

Ms Hammond said the area is quite remote and is not accessible by vehicle, but there is no public right of way on the land.

She added: "The lamb is recovering but this is a horrific attack on a defenceless young animal and it must have been incredibly painful and frightening."

The land where the lamb was kept is behind the British Gypsum works between Gotham and East Leake.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact Ms Hammond on the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.


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