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YouTube clip shows moment cyclist allegedly attacked in London 'road rage'


A cyclist is searching for a man on a bike who was allegedly assaulted by a driver in Farringdon, London.

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A video of the incident, which appears to have been captured on Thursday using a camera affixed to the cyclist’s helmet, was uploaded to YouTube under the cyclist’s username Jude Bug.

The footage shows events from Mr Hill’s point of view as he pulls up to a set of traffic lights on the busy road in the centre of the capital. A man on a bike then overtakes Mr Hill, and pauses at the top of the cyclist box.

At the corner of the frame, a white vehicle can be seen edging slowly into shot, and then suddenly moving forward. The car then remains stationary at the lights while taking up the length of the cyclist box.

The alleged victim moves towards the passenger window, and signals to the road while repeatedly saying “this is a cycle area,” at which point the car speeds off from the traffic lights.

As Mr Hill continues down the road, the biker overtakes him and meets the car at the next set of traffic lights. In the footage he can be heard yelling “f*cking pr*ck” at the car’s closed window.

Mr Hill then turns around, by which point the alleged passenger of the car has pushed the man off his bike and appears to punch him in the face.

Passers-by stare as the men shout and gesture at each other in the middle of the road.

Soon, the man is back on his bike and rides off in the opposite direct, as the white car drives away.

Mr Hill commented below the video that he has reported the incident to the police, and is trying to find the cyclist. “Need him to report the incident in order to get prosecutions. Could you all share this as widely as possible to try and find him?” he adds.

It is unclear whether the police have been contacted by the two men regarding the incident.

The footage comes amid growing concerns over cyclist safety in London. 14 cyclist died in the capital in 2013, and in November, the Metropolitan Police began deploying officers at 166 key junctions to stop people breaking road traffic laws in an attempt to make roads safer.

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