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Zebras make 5,800-mile Africa move

Three zebras from a British wild animal park have begun a 5,800-mile voyage by road, air and sea to start a new life in east Africa.

The males, named Casper, Babati and Karumwa, will return to their native Dijbouti as part of a scheme to educate locals about the importance of conservation.

They began their 20-hour journey from Port Lympne wild animal park near Hythe, Kent, to the coastal 680-hectare Decan Sanctuary in Dijbouti.

Adrian Harland, Port Lympne's animal director, said: "Our three boys will act as ambassadors for biodiversity, helping to educate Dijboutans about the important role zebras and other species play in maintaining the environment."

The initiative, organised by Beauval Nature, along with ZooParc de Beauval, is financially backed by the Aspinall Foundation.

Mr Harland added: "By working together, all of us are helping raise awareness and educate future generations about the value of conservation and native wildlife, and that can only be a good thing."


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