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UK's fattest teenager loses 12 stone

A 16-year-old girl who was labelled Britain's fattest teen has lost more than 12 stone since September, the American "fat camp" where she is staying revealed today.

Georgia Davis, from Aberdare, south Wales, who weighed 33 stone last year, was warned by doctors that her weight could kill her at any time.

She flew to Wellspring Academy, in North Carolina, to attend its weight loss programme, which she has stuck to for the last seven months.

A statement from the Academy said: "Since her arrival on September 1 through her recent weigh-in, Georgia has lost 173lb (12.4 stone).

"This is an average of 5.6lb (0.4 stone) over her 31 weeks, a remarkable result that can be attributed to her consistent commitment and a programme that enables teens to make healthy lifestyle changes.

"Georgia's 37.5% Body Mass Index (BMI) reduction of 29.7 points (79.3 to 49.6) is a pace her US doctor claims is better than anything he has seen during his years of practice.

"Georgia is also no longer diabetic and has seen her blood pressure and resting heart rate drop into the normal range for a teenager."

The statement added: "Most importantly, Georgia's confidence, self-esteem, and smile have returned.

"The professionals at Wellspring Academy now see her maturity, leadership, academic excellence, and some developing musical and athletic skills."

Wellspring is sponsoring Georgia to stay at the academy for one year only and the Academy said she was unable to get funding within the UK to extend her stay.

The statement said: "While Georgia has made dramatic progress, she still has 156lb (11.1 stone) to lose in order to reach her healthy weight.

"She also requires additional behavioural training and work to help ensure her success continues long-term."

Georgia told today's Sun newspaper that she never dreamed she would lose so much weight so quickly.

She said: "Last Easter, I ate 12 chocolate eggs.

"This Easter I'm going on a picnic near a beautiful waterfall. I'll do lots of walking and eat healthy food.

"I'm really happy with my life now."

She told the newspaper she now enjoyed activities including hiking, basketball, volleyball and football.

Georgia talked previously of how she began overeating at the age of five after her father died from emphysema and she began comfort-eating.

By the age of seven she already weighed 11 stone.

The academy's clinical director, Susan Borgman, described Georgia last year as a "very sweet person" who she hoped could change the habits of a lifetime.

Speaking before the teenager flew to the States, she said: "Georgia has decided to go because she has learned that the health issues that she has are so severe that it is endangering her life.

"At 33 stone, she's at a point where if she doesn't do anything, there can be very dire consequences."

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