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Ulster star who battled a cannibal killer... and won

By Eddie McIlwaine

Fledging actor Henry Deazley (21) has to be careful when he tells Sara Dylan, his co-star at the Opera House next week, she has got a part she can get her teeth into.

For 24-year-old Belfast girl Sara has just finished shooting a horror movie in which she plays a student who is subjected to a terrible attack - at the hands of a mad man with cannibal tendencies.

"Yes, he does try to devour my character," reveals Sara, "but I can tell you that she survives."

The film is called Gnaw and was shot on location in Sussex and will be released later in the year.

"So I choose my words to Sara carefully and don't say she has a meaty role when I enthuse to her about the way she will be playing the girl cop in the revival of The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty which opens at the Opera House next Tuesday," explains Henry. "I wouldn't like her to think I am taking the mickey."

Sara and Henry weren't even born when this classic political drama by Martin Lynch was first produced at the Lyric Theatre 25 years ago.

Now after study at the Guildford School of Drama and plus a lunchtime role with the Jigsaw Company at the Black Box in Hill Street Sara is looking forward to her debut at the Opera House. She plays young policewoman Yvonne on whom Henry's police constable, Davy McFadden, has a crush.

Henry was in the movie Wild About Harry with Amanda Donohoe but this is his stage debut.

"I'm a bit nervous about making my first appearance at the Opera House so Sarah will be there to support me in the stalls."

"Both these young newcomers are going to make a huge impact on this revival of Interrogation," says author Lynch who persuaded celebrated actor BJ Hogg to play the main role of the senior cop Stanley after being the junior policeman the first time around two decades ago.

Conor Grimes has the role of madcap country singer Willie Lagan.

After the Opera House, The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty will tour Londonderry, Strabane, Omagh and Armagh.

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