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Ulster's under the weather

By Matthew McCreary

Hopes of a last ditch appearance of summer in Northern Ireland have turned once again as forecasters predict cloudy conditions across the province for the rest of the week.

But weather watchers can expect today to be fine with temperatures of up to 22C.

This will be good news for fans of top US band The Killers who take to the stage at Ormeau Park tonight for the Tennents ViTal concert.

However, cloud will remain settled on the province for the next few days, although heavy rain is not expected.

"We have high pressure building up from the south-west which usually brings fine conditions, but there's a bit of a weak front associated with it," said a spokeswoman from the MeteoGroup weather service.

"Today is going to be alright but from Thursday it looks like there will be a lot of cloud across Northern Ireland. There's not an awful lot of rain, but it will be really quite cloudy."

Temperatures will settle at around 19 or 20C for the rest of this week, although parts of the North Coast will see the worst of the cloud and temperatures of around 15 to 16C.

The ambivalent weather conditions will continue into the Bank Holiday weekend too, with those hoping for a late burst of summer sunshine facing disappointment.

The story will be different in the rest of Ireland, however, with some parts seeing a good deal of sunny weather into the weekend.

"Southern areas are not going to fare too badly," said MeteoGroup.

"Munster will see the best of the sunshine. The weekend cloud is confined to Northern Ireland, with the rest of Ireland having sunny spells.

"The south coast is the best place to head for anyone wanting to enjoy sunshine over the Bank Holiday."

The bad weather which has seen the summer elude the UK and Ireland so far is believed to have been due to a high pressure area over the Azores which has refused to move north, resulting in depressions across northern Europe and one of the wettest summers on record.

Northern Ireland did not escape the worst of the deluges, with severe flooding affecting many parts of the province over the last few months.


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