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‘Urgent’ police action now needed to curb crime rise

By Adrian Rutherford

There have been demands for urgent police action to combat an alarming rise in violent robberies across south Tyrone.

It comes after a businessman suffered a severe head injury after being viciously beaten in his home by armed thugs at the weekend.

Derek Magowan and his wife, Anne, both aged in their 60s, were attacked with baseball bats during the robbery near Dungannon.

Mr Magowan owns the nearby M1 service station, and is a well-known businessman.

The robbery follows a sharp upturn in violent crime in the south Tyrone area recently, leading to calls for greater action to tackle the problem.

DUP Assembly member Lord Morrow warned that a declining police presence was allowing criminals to rampage through the area “with impunity”.

Lord Morrow, who knows the victims, said: “This latest attack has really numbed and sickened the community.

”It is very difficult to understand how these people can move about in our society with impunity and do this sort of thing and leave a man in hospital with dreadful injuries as a result of their brutality.”

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