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Van Morrison to take court action over baby reports


Van Morrison

Van Morrison

Van Morrison has denied reports claiming he has become a father again

Van Morrison has denied reports claiming he has become a father again


Van Morrison

Singer Van Morrison yesterday insisted there was “no truth” in reports that he had become a new father, after it emerged music producer Gigi Lee had recently given birth.

Belfast-born Morrison is now launching legal action against a newspaper which linked him with the Texan woman and her baby.

The singer first moved to scotch reports that he had become a father for the fourth time last Thursday, claiming that his website was the victim of an internet hacker.

But yesterday, newspaper coverage alleged links between Morrison and Lee (42).

Lee is registered as a co-director with Morrison in a number of his publishing and production companies, including Van Morrison Recordings (NI) Ltd.

But Morrison said last night: “There is no truth in the suggestion that I have recently become a father”, adding there was no “factual basis” to the claims.

And in the statement from his London-based solicitors last night, the 64-year-old singer said he would be launching immediate legal action against the newspaper involved.

The statement from Van Morrison said: “In view of an article appearing in today's ‘Mail On Sunday' I am reluctantly compelled to make this short statement.

“I have instructed my solicitors to institute immediately proceedings against the ‘Mail On Sunday' and will take all appropriate action to prevent repetition of these allegations.”

Gigi Lee's brother Philip confirmed she had recently given birth, although the father remained unknown.

When contacted at his home in Texas last night, Philip Lee said: “Yes she had a baby. I was brought to see it.”

Sources close to Van Morrison now acknowledge Gigi Lee has worked alongside Van Morrison on projects, including in the role of executive producer of his DVD ‘Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl'. But they say the singer is not the father of her baby.

“This wouldn't be the first time somebody tried to stitch Van Morrison up and failed. He is standing by his story, that this is not his baby,” said the source.

The friend of Morrison said that despite newspaper allegations yesterday, his marriage to wife Michelle remained solid and she had his full support.

“Michelle and Van are together in this as a couple. Michelle completely believes Van is not involved and that he is being stitched up here,” said the Van Morrison source. The singer and Michelle Morrison have two children together, daughter Aibhe (4) and son Fionn Ivan Patrick (2). Morrison also has a 39-year-old daughter, singer-songwriter Shana Morrison, from his first marriage to Janet Minto.

The confusion was sparked last week when a posting on his website falsely claimed the birth of a son to Morrison called George Ivan Morrison III, born December 28, 2009.

The website report was backed up to the media by a publicist who has represented Morrison in the past.

Three days later Morrison issued a statement stating that that the report was without foundation.

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