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Vicar's 'stripper' wife reveals all

A vicar's wife who claimed to be a stripper in the parish magazine has confessed she actually used to strip chickens for a living.

Diane Stevenson, 44, said she told the story in an ambiguous way to point out to her husband's new congregation the dangers of judging people.

In this month's parish magazine she told readers: "My first evening was awful - I came home and cried as I didn't want to go back but being desperate for money, I did. I thought that if I did it for a month and did not like it I could give it up. After a few weeks I loved it.

"The girls I worked with were really good fun and the two guys who were there were great too. The wages were good and I used to get extra bonuses."

But Mrs Stevenson, whose husband David is the new vicar at St Mary's Church in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, has now released a draft of a follow up article which was due to be published in Focus magazine's February issue.

In it, the nursing student tells about her time working at a food factory after moving to the area 15-months-ago.

She writes: "I don't know what your impressions are of me now that you know a little about my past, but frankly I don't really care as it's not important. Although I took my clothes off as I said, I didn't tell you that I put on a blue hair net, white cap and overalls and green wellies and I stripped chickens at Pork Farms. I bet you can't strip a hot chicken in a minute, can you?"

Mrs Stevenson said she did not regret writing the article, which made headlines around the world after it was picked up by a local newspaper.

She said: "This was for the parish magazine. I didn't expect the local newspaper to pick it up and for the story to go worldwide. It's taken us by total surprise.

But even if I was a stripper, it shouldn't have made any difference. Jesus spent time with prostitutes, adulterous women and tax-collectors. I just want to get the message out that we shouldn't judge other people."

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