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10 unresolved mysteries that are guaranteed to creep you out

Maybe don’t read this one before bed.


Mysteries make compelling reading (Philip Toscano/PA)

Mysteries make compelling reading (Philip Toscano/PA)

Mysteries make compelling reading (Philip Toscano/PA)

Not everything gets resolved in life, and those mysteries that do remain often make for compelling reading.

So when Reddit user richterbg asked fellow Redditors: “What is a small, insignificant, personal mystery that bothers you until today?” they received plenty of eerie responses.

1. Return of the wallet

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2. Colin

“I had a friend named Colin in elementary school. Even had a sleepover at his house before. In grade 4 he stopped going to the same school as me. No one remembers him. Not even my parents. I can’t remember his last name. I wonder what happened with him. What is he doing today?” – miengundoodum

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3. Where did it go?

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4. Where did it go? Part two

“As I walked up the steps in my house carrying a tray of freshly painted Warhammer models I tripped on the top step. My models and paints went everywhere but I soon recovered everything except for one model. This model I never saw again, even after searching every possible room and corridor it could have fallen in and even lifting the edge of the carpets to look. One second it was there, the next it might as well have fallen out of existence.

“Still haunts me to this day.” – theincrediblenick

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5. Fridge fright

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6. Sunrise, sunset

“Me and my brother were sleeping at our grandparent’s once. I was sitting upright in bed, blinked, and it was instantly morning. I know people will just say ‘you fell asleep’, but there was literally no delay to the transition, I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t feel rested, I didn’t dream, and I had the same train of thought.

“During breakfast, I asked my brother if anything weird happened that night, and he told me he was lying in bed staring at the ceiling, blinked, and suddenly it was morning.” – sadlyuseless

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7. Mystery wound

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8. Help

“Mine is currently happening. Last year or so at 2 am in the morning my wife and I were awoken to my youngest son crying and saying ‘help’. Except it was right outside our bedroom window.

“My wife wakes up to anything but I’m a really deep sleeper, I’ve slept through Jets and helicopters flying right above me on a military base, but this sound was convincing and loud enough to jolt even me awake.

“Me and my wife didn’t even hesitate, we both darted straight out of bed, not saying a word to each other, and rush outside to the backyard. But nothing, we check my son and he’s sound asleep in his bed.

“Last week it happened again, completely forgot about last year, so me and the wife were standing in the back yard, again, before we realized it was that same sound, whatever it is, it stops the second we walk outside.

“I grew up all my life here, and my job involves treking through the woods and encountering all sorts of wildlife. But I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s big enough to sound just like a human, the ‘help’ sound was perfectly pronunciated and sounds exactly like my 5 year old kid when he’s crying for help.

“It’s not a fox or coyote, I know what those sound like, and the sound was not in rhythm, so that eliminates it being any sort of frog or bug right?” – MTA427

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9. Time crisis

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10. Purse in the microwave

“How in the world my purse wound up in the microwave” – Feedme10tacos

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