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11 amazing examples of flawless ‘kid logic’ that will make you laugh

Children have a hilarious logic of their own to try to make sense of the world.

(Rawpixel/Getty Images)
(Rawpixel/Getty Images)

Sometimes children make up the funniest little pieces of logic to try and understand the world around them.

Reddit user Throwawayxxx8 asked people on the website for the “best examples of kid logic they’d ever heard”, and some are actually pretty clever.

Here are 11 of the greatest suggestions, which may actually make a lot of sense.

1. An incredible nickname.

2. This child didn’t quite understand marriage yet.

Single Robby GIF by New Girl - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. This flawless apple pie-based logic.

4. Very smart thinking from this child.

Fearless Lil Kim GIF by VH1 Hip Hop Honors - Find & Share on GIPHY

5. Child logic applies to words too.

6. This question is a thinker.

Don'T Know Idk GIF by EVIEWHY - Find & Share on GIPHY

7. Why aren’t we all constantly travel sick?

8. This child just accidentally invented the landline.

Phone Ringing GIF by X&XYZ - Find & Share on GIPHY

9. It’s hard to imagine the distant past in colour.

10. This sweet way of understanding astronomy.

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11. Lastly, this child fixed the whole world.

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