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11 of the silliest things people believed as children

From the meaning who controls traffic lights to Shrek killing the dinosaurs.

(Chris Radburn/PA and Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Chris Radburn/PA and Owen Humphreys/PA)

The mind of a child is a wonderful thing, but when you think back on the nonsensical things you believed when you yourself were young it rarely feels as endearing – in fact it feels dumb.

That’s exactly the topic of discussion on Reddit, where user aqkj asked their fellows: “What’s the dumbest thing you believed as a child?”

Here are 11 of the top answers.


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2. From user applecinnamom

“That there was humans sitting in control rooms watching tons of traffic cams and turning red light to green lights and Visa versa.”

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4. From user dancesforfun

“I was a real picky eater as a child. My parents, in an attempt to get me to eat more, told me that each grain of rice in my bowl takes a year to grow, and so I should be more appreciative of my food.

“Child me somehow took this to mean that every year only one single grain of rice can be grown, so my bowl was always filled with hundreds of years of rice. Thought, ‘heh, cool!'”

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6. From user _princesspeach3s

“My dad told me that I could have a pet chipmunk or squirrel if I caught one. He told me the key to catching one was to shake salt on their tail, they would always stop to lick the salt off and then I’d be able to catch it.

“Not hard to figure out why he told us that, because my brother and I would spend hours a day running around the yard with a bucket and a salt shaker.

“I think the last time I tried was when I was like 9. I never really though about it again until I was like 15 and it was mind blowing to realize it was all just to keep us busy outside.”

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8. From user considerthedog

“When I was a kid, my teacher said humans were mammals. I wasn’t paying much attention, and believed that she said humans were actually camels.

“So, being the lover of fun facts that I am, I told everyone I knew that humans were actually camels. No one ever corrected me. This went on for years until one day I heard that humans were mammals again and it all clicked.”

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10. From user FudgySlippers

“I thought that if you chose to be President of the US, it was understood (as in, part of the job description) that you would eventually be assassinated.

“Which made me wonder why anyone would even choose that career to begin with.”

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