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11 petty grudges people have been bottling up for some time

Do any of these annoy you too?


Angry man drinking and shaking fist

Angry man drinking and shaking fist

Angry man drinking and shaking fist

One tweet has sparked a flurry of activity online, with the subject matter all centred around one thing – grudges.

The post by Nicole Cliffe has of course had a lot of relatively serious reactions – and Cliffe herself had a grudge in mind.

This article is all about the pettiest of grudges around though. Here’s some of the best responses.

1. This person was cheated by lemonade – and her friend’s mum

In case you can’t recall, She-Ra was the star of 1980s animated classic She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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Who wouldn’t want to be her? A very legitimate grudge.

2. These two who thought CS Lewis was a meanie

If you recall CS Lewis’ classic Chronicles of Narnia books – which started with the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – the fate of Susan Pevensie, one of the lead characters, is a little harsh.

In the final book ol’ Su is told she is “no longer a friend of Narnia” and excluded from entering the real Narnia with her siblings – on the basis that she is interested in nothing but “nylons and lipstick and invitations”.

It’s a controversial tale and there’s a lot of grudges held over it.

3. This reasonable grudge against a man who likes things written down

Facebook events are here and they’re a reasonable way of organising social lives – okay guy.

4. This woman who wanted more than one hero

It seems a lot of people who like reading have long-standing grudges.

Coincidence? Yes.

5. This person who was outraged by their teacher’s surprise

Maybe this isn’t petty – maybe this is just bad teaching…

6. This understandable rage at her teacher’s reading

As Harry Potter fans will know, that’s just not okay.

But wait it gets worse.

Who is this guy – Viktor Krum?

7. This young girl deprived of chewing gum

All those years gum free… Brutal.

8. This speedy reader

It’s cool to be smart. Sort it out teacher person.

9. This poor chipless kid

It was the longest one to be fair.

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10. This dedicated grudge-holder

That’s a totally normal thing to be doing.

Hold up though, wait for the next one…

11. And this truly remarkable grudge-holder

Okay that’s not even petty, it’s just terrifying.

Just listen to the commitment too.

Not something you’d expect to see on your way to a Calippo…