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11 ‘would you rather’ questions that are simply impossible to answer

‘Have hair for teeth or teeth for hair’?

Would You Rather is a game we all know, love and find the questions incredibly hard to answer.

So of course here are a few challenges from Reddit to rack your brains over.


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2. From user 02474

“Would you rather be able to converse with (nonhuman) animals, or have lifelong fluency in every (human) language?”

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4. From user fdsdfg

“Fly effortlessly, but only at 1/4 walking speed or teleport anywhere, but only twice per month?”

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6. From user DubDubDubAtDubDotCom

“If you had to live in a cage for the rest of your life, would you rather the bars be horizontal, or vertical?”

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8. From user pheonix580

“For this question, you’ll be locked in a room full of spiders for some amount of time. Would you rather have the lights on or off?”

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10. From user irishamerican

“Would you rather: Climb the tallest mountain (or) travel to the bottom of the sea?”

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