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12 infuriating human body ‘glitches’ that everyone experiences

The little mistakes your body experiences that makes you feel like you’re in a ‘glitchy’ computer game.

(Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images)
(Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images)

The human body is pretty amazing, but sometimes people experience “glitches” that are just infuriating.

Reddit user Ozkevosh asked people on the website for their examples of little ways their body malfunctions, just like a glitch in a video game.

Here are 12 of the best suggestions, that might just make you frustrated with your own body.

1. “Sneeze limbo”.

2. Only being able to get a great sleep on the sofa.

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3. Immediately forgetting something important.

4. Horrible pins and needles.

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5. That strange deja vu feeling.

6. Deathly allergies.

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7. Falling asleep and then jerking awake.

8. The strange little lines sometimes in your vision.

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9. This painful glitch.

10. Hitting your funny bone.

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11. Autoimmune conditions in general.

12. Lastly, this harmless but horrible sensation.

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