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12 minor misfortunes that are disproportionately infuriating

From your burrito falling apart to dying smoke detector batteries.


(ALLVISIONN/Getty Images)

(ALLVISIONN/Getty Images)

(ALLVISIONN/Getty Images)

In life you’ve got to take the bad with the good, but these moments of displeasure are perhaps the most unreasonably difficult to stomach.

Reddit user TheSanityInspector asked: “Other than an improperly rolled burrito falling apart while you’re eating it, what is a minor misfortune that disproportionately infuriates you?”

Prepare yourself, these 12 of the best answers aren’t for the faint-hearted.


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2. From user MaroonSkwid

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“When my pen rolls off and then under my desk, forcing me to either scrape blindly with my foot or get down on all fours and scrabble under the furniture like a goblin.”

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4. From user TheFire_Eagle

“You’re driving down a road. There is nobody behind you. At an intersection there is a car waiting to pull out.

“Does he pull out when you’re 500 feet away? No. 250 feet? No. 100 feet? He goes for it, pulling out in front of you, going slowly and forcing you to brake despite the fact that had they just waited another second, they could have pulled out after you and had all the time in the world to get up to speed.”

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6. From user Stuzinski

“When my backpack slowly starts pulling my shirt up my back and I constantly have to do the ‘stop-jump-pull’ shirt adjustment.”

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8. From user ARealBillsFan

“When my Bluetooth speaker fails to connect automatically to my phone, forcing me to open the Bluetooth menu and go through that whole process.”

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10. From user Excited_donuts

“When I don’t hold the toilet handle down long enough, so it doesn’t flush properly, and I have to wait for the tank to refill before I can even try to flush it again.”

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12. From user TinyUSB

“Dropping wet clothes on the floor as I switch them from the washer to the dryer.”

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