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12 social customs that need to stop, according to Reddit

Redditors offers collective wisdom to extravagant weddings, handshakes and elbows on the table…

What social custom needs to be retired?

This question posed to Reddit by user ruj00 has proved hugely popular, with tens of thousands of responses covering a broad variety of bizarre human interactions.

Here are 12 of the responses which people agreed with the most. Do you agree with them?

1. Extremely expensive engagement rings – EveryDayRay

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2. Coming to work ill as a sign of dedication – NameLessTaken

3. Making your kids hug/kiss people they aren’t comfortable with. – BirdCop

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4. The need to provide an excuse when turning down an invitation. It’s hard to say “No, thank you,” without following it up with a reason. – Scrappy_Larue

5. Opening gifts in front of the gifter. – TheLurkerSpeaks

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6. Not discussing your wages/salary with co-workers. The only reason this custom exists is to keep people getting screwed from knowing they’re being screwed. – ZeusHatesTrees

7. People not getting that sometimes you want some alone time and there is nothing wrong with that. – TheSameButBetter

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8. Elbows off the table. It’s just soooo comfy. – HadHerses

9. Extravagant weddings. – obxtalldude

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10. The view that men should always pay on first dates. As a woman, it not only makes me feel super uncomfortable but if you’ve both agreed to go on a date, I don’t see why you wouldn’t just want to split the bill. – beeeelist

11. We should switch handshakes to fist bumps to hinder the spread of infections. – skeletorch

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12. Men not being able to wear shorts in the workplace. – npanetta

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