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12 wonderful but useless pieces of information people have stored in their heads

From Barbie’s real name to the sounds of the Rhubarb Triangle.

As brilliant as the human brain is, it’s so often the random information that it holds on to rather than the stuff you really need to remember.

It’s these nuggets that are on the menu on Reddit, where user ablackenedrose asked their fellows to share “the most useless piece of information that you know off the top of your head”.

Here are 12 of the best responses.


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2. From user Benu5

“There is a place in England called the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ where rhubarb grows so fast you can hear it.”


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4. From user SonneillonIV

“There were 48 years between the invention of the can and the can opener.”


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6. From user lamiller0622

“Flatworms have two penises that they use to fight each other (called “penis fencing”). The winner inseminates the loser, who then becomes the female and carries the eggs.”


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8. From user VictorBlimpmuscle

“Hippos secrete a red, oily substance called ‘blood sweat’ that keeps their skin moisturised and water-repellent.”


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10. From user ExCostco

“The item number for pumpkins at Costco is 80085.

“I giggled every season because new hires wondered how I memorised it since we just got them and it’s been a whole year since. Until I tell them the number and the mind of their inner child clicks.”


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12. From user General_Bubbles

“Betty White is older than sliced bread by six years.”

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