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13 World Cup fixture hashtags that sound like something else entirely…

From Pokemon to Ikea products, each hashtag appears to have provided hilarity in one way or another.

The World Cup might be a serious business on the pitch, but on Twitter it’s hard to stay stony-faced in the presence of the funniest fixture hashtags.

For each game Twitter abbreviates team names to create a short and shareable game hashtag such as #ENGBEL for England’s Group G game against Belgium.

Such abbreviations however often appear to produce new words, or words that sound like others… take these Pokemon fixtures from Belgium v Tunisia and South Korea v Mexico for example.

Germany v Mexico meanwhile sounded clean. Very clean.

Uruguay v Russia brought Scooby Doo to mind for some.

Australia’s defeat to Peru made it all too easy to work the hashtag into post-match criticism.

Maybe this is where Ikea gets all its ideas…

South Korea v Germany brought to mind a variation on the Corgi.

Poland v Colombia had a medicinal quality.

Meanwhile over at Portugal v Morocco… top you up, sir?

Colombia’s 1-0 win over Senegal wasn’t the most free-flowing game of all time…

And Peru v Denmark gave offended people the perfect football pun to work with.

With just 16 games left there won’t be as many opportunities to add to this important body of work.

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