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15 people who are going to back to work but really aren’t happy about it

People who live in Scotland have January 2 off as a bank holiday, so they’re probably feeling pretty smug.


Some cling to Christmas (Getty Images)

Some cling to Christmas (Getty Images)

Some cling to Christmas (Getty Images)

Christmas is over, so as much as you may want to continue binge eating chocolate and watching festive films, it’s time for most of us to get back to the grind.

We have to do it – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good old moan on Twitter before we go back to work.

1. This man’s alarm clock sounds painful.

2. This person has had a sleepless night – which is really not ideal.

3. The simple act of functioning has become a task for this individual.

4. Having time off is truly the best.

5. Not the best beginning for this tweeter.

6. This man articulated the silent prayer of all those who braved the freezing commute this morning.

7. This person is so right – why do the holidays always do this?

8. But of course there’s always someone trying to be positive.

9. Amidst your own self-pity, spare a thought for these people.

10. This woman summarised the internal struggle we all faced this morning.

11. Once you get past the initial misery, maybe you’ll get off lightly like this man?

12. If the last few weeks have been spent the way they should be (eating chocolates and turkey sandwiches) then this person’s concern is universal….

13. …as is this one.

14. This forward planning is goals for us all.

15. And finally – Countdown’s lexicographer Susie Dent has dug up the most befitting word of the day.