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8 incredibly hard job interview questions and how people answered them

How would you have answered?

It’s every job applicant’s worst nightmare, a tricky question out of the blue at the interview stage.

But how do people cope with the inevitable questions of doom?

Reddit user EveningGiraffee posed the question by asking: “What is the hardest job interview question you’ve had to answer and how did you handle it?” Here are some of the best answers.

1. Memory games

2. Would you rather

“‘Would you rather focus on one thing and do it 100 per cent well while two other things do poorly or would you rather do three things at 70 per cent?’

“It was a tough question.

“Edit: Sorry I didn’t fully answer. I told them off the bat that it was a intriguing question and that honestly I give 100 per cent in my projects and I hate presenting things that I don’t feel are up to my standards.” – Sheepishly_Ragtag

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3. Geography or history?

4. Shoe business

“‘So tell me, why did you choose to wear those shoes today?’

“Umm…what?” – sixdollargrapes

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5. Hypotheticals

6. Yourself

“Describe yourself.

“Uhh… I wasn’t prepared to answer that.

“I got the job.” – beefstewforyou

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7. Wrong job


“‘You’ve suddenly been shrunk down to the size of a quarter and dropped into a blender. It’s turning on in 10 seconds. What’s your plan?’

“Sing in a really high opera voice and shatter the blender’s glass, of course!” – sm0kemonster815

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