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8 perfect examples of why ‘this folder is empty’ memes are about to take over the internet

Get ready, because you’re about to start seeing this all over Twitter.


The meme and a man angry at the meme

The meme and a man angry at the meme

The meme and a man angry at the meme

“This folder is empty” is a cluster of four words usually reserved for feelings of annoyance, frustration and a desire to give up your search for those photos you think you accidentally deleted on holiday.

Now though, it’s the latest meme in town. Here’s an explanation on how it all works, illustrated by eight of the best attempts at the joke so far…

1. It helps explain workers’ struggles

Work? Who needs it? Right?

2. It lets fans support their favourite bands

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the band or artist or don’t agree – it’s all a beautiful example of the formula.

3. It helps you think about dogs

Are you not thinking about dogs right now? Think about dogs.

4. It lets sports fans vent their frustration

Insert the name of your team here.

5. It’s used by companies to complain about tippers

Have a heart.

6. It’s used by people to call out said companies

Again, have a heart.

7. It helps people complain about road drainage

This is too important to ignore.

8. It allows for fourth wall breaks

The empty folder meets the movie Inception.

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