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9 hilariously obvious things that blew these people’s minds

Some things just don’t dawn on you until, well, they do.

Have you ever had an epiphany in which something glaringly obvious suddenly makes sense to you?

These people have, and they are telling all after Reddit user YourDadIsOld asked: “What are obvious things you’ve just become aware of?”

See if you already knew these or are learning something new.

1. Peanut trees aren’t a thing.

2. Turns out it’s a nut allergy.

3. “Thingers”.

4. Trying to out-stare the sun is NOT  a good idea.

5. Maths hack.

6. It’s never too late to learn.

7. Dried grass = hay.

8. No. No they’re not.

9. How To Fall Asleep.

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