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9 of the worst things you can do to a socially awkward person

‘Please, introduce yourself to the class!’

Not all of us find all this business of interacting with other humans easy or particularly pleasurable.

It’s these such people on topic on Reddit, where user Blamblemskrini asked: “What is the worst thing you can do to a socially awkward person?”

Here are nine of the best and, for some, most cringeworthy answers.

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2. From user Library-brat

“Please, introduce yourself to the class!

“Tell us your name, a fun fact about yourself, your worst fear, and how you didn’t stop wetting the bed until you were 11!”

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4. From user bcreddit115

“Drag them onto the dance floor when it’s well lit and no-one else is dancing.”

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6. From user LittleRedSongBird

“When you finally get the nerve to speak up in a group, or start talking to someone, and then someone else starts to talk over you and you’re immediately forgotten in their convo.

“Its embarrassing and you’ll think about it for the rest of the month and relive the awful feeling of being invisible.”

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8. From user ouijahead

“When the teacher says, ‘OK, pair up in groups of four’.”

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Socialising? Who needs it.

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