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9 silly things people believed when they were kids

From the tongue trick to tell someone is lying to films being terrifyingly real.

(Paul Bradbury/Getty Images)
(Paul Bradbury/Getty Images)

Your beliefs change dramatically as you grow up, but memories of the strangest ways you used to see the world often remain.

It’s these odd childhood hypotheses that are the topic of conversation on Reddit, where user World_So_Code asked their fellows to share the “dumb” things they believed as kids.

Here are nine of the best answers.


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2. From user iluvbacon1985

“I thought the guy working at the pizza place was ripping us off since my dad would always complain about a slice being missing when we got carry out.

“Turns out my dad was just eating a slice on the way home.

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“I realized this fact about 4 years ago, I’m 24.”


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4. From user westscottstots

“I never knew about special effects so I always just assumed that if an actor had to play a character that died, they literally had to die for that role.”

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6. From user Skelechicken

“After I got the sex talk I was pretty convinced that the whole process was automated.

“Like the talk I received was along the lines of ‘a man puts his penis in a woman’s vagina etc etc.’ and I thought that was it. Just stick it in and from there the vagina would sort of vacuum out all the sperm.”

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8. From user FritoLaysForDays

“When I was about five, I asked my dad what those signs on the side of highways that said ‘speed limit enforced by aircraft’ meant.

“He told me it meant if you were going too fast or too slow the government could shoot you off of the road from a helicopter. Took me several years before I realized he was just messing with me.”

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