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9 things people on Reddit think Britain does better than America

Any guesses?

Britain and America enjoy a special relationship, everyone knows that, but the two countries do have their differences.

People on Reddit have been discussing some of them, suggesting what they think Britain does better than America – some suggestions may surprise you, others probably won’t.

1. 28 days of paid holiday per year AND cheap air fares to Europe – Duck Magic

2. Candy on the whole, Chocolate in particular. Especially Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars. But that is a taste preference of mine so I guess that’s more subjective – Ravenor1138

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3. Britain has well-designed, efficient roundabouts for handling a large volume of traffic, whereas the US has confusing, ill-conceived traffic circles – Back2Bach

4. Fish & chips – r_e_d_d_i_t

Fish and chips

5. Swearing on TV – Sillyygoosee

6. Trains. I love taking the trains everywhere in Britain. They show up on time, get me to a specific place on time, and they are actually clean. I always hate having to take a trains in the US – zeropont

The Flying Scotsman

7. Tea. I love you America, but your piss poor excuse called Lipton just doesn’t cut it. I always have to bring my own PG Tips over whenever I visit – Karazhan

8. Breakfast. Especially bacon – ADSWNJ

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9. “I couldn’t care less.” That’s what they do better. Americans say, “I could care less,” which makes the opposite point of what they means to make when they say it – Christopher_Robin82

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