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91-year-old care home resident ‘delighted’ by first motorbike ride in 54 years

Edward Whitefield, aged 91, was taken on his first motorbike ride in 54 years by a local biker group.

(Samantha Cook Photography)
(Samantha Cook Photography)

By Emily Chudy, PA

A resident at The Potteries care home in Poole was surprised with his first motorcycle ride in 54 years after expressing a wish to ride a bike again.

Edward Whitefield, aged 91, was a keen motorcyclist in his youth, and was taken out on August 25 for a ride with staff and a local biker group.

Mr Whitfield said: “It was so good to get back on a bike again and remember how much I love the speed.

“I was delighted to see all the bikers turn up and ride around. It was a day I will never forget.”

(Samantha Cook Photography)

The care team contacted local biker club Arrowhead Trike N Bike Club to organise the delivery of a modified bike for Mr Whitefield to ride on.

On the day, Mr Whitefield was joined by the group to ride around Poole for his first motorbike trip in 54 years.

Zita Turner, home manager at The Potteries, said: “Ted is well known by the care team for his love of motorbikes, so it was a very special moment to see his face when he saw the bikes.

“He was in his element and has had a smile on his face ever since. Thank you to Arrowhead Trike N Bike Club for coming down and taking Ted out on the bike, I’ve never heard him laugh so much.”



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