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A bat, an exaggerated Irish accent and an overly excited puppy have become a massive online hit

Bat Dad is the superhero we all need.

A bat flying around an Irish kitchen has become an unlikely star, along with a puppy which got a little bit too excited by the evening’s events.

Tadgh Fleming filmed his dad Derry trying to nab the bat in his County Kerry home, with the video racking up more than a million views in just over a day.

It took about 10 minutes before the bat was caught, but there were plenty of failed attempts and funny moments during that time as a determined Derry chased the bat around with a towel.

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Poor Derry – as well as being simultaneously mocked and encouraged by his 27-year-old son, he also had an excited puppy to contend with.

Luckily it all ended well, with the bat being freed and film-maker Tadgh’s video – which he edited to include the moniker Bat Dad – going well and truly viral.

“My mam was doing the ironing and she had all the clothes on the table,” Tadgh told BBC Northern Ireland.

“She went outside the back and the minute she opened the back door, the bat flew in.

“I took out the phone and started videoing. My dad was in here – he took on the bat, one on one.”

In the end, we’re all winners.

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